About and Ministries

Garden of Hope Ministries is a community of people that knows and has experienced love and grace in ways they want to share it with others. We seek to love God and love people. A primary reason why we serve is to carry out the mission of upholding the infinite value and worth of human life that is true upon conception to all ages. We believe it is our call to advocate for precious preborn life the most innocent and vulnerable. They are voiceless. We also are standing up for the the moms and dads lives too. They need to know they are valued and supported. It is of high priority that through our ministries – people feel welcomed, accepted, important, and loved ultimately pointing them to the One True God that loves them and welcomes them into His eternal care through His Son Jesus Christ.

We realize that approximately 1 in 3 people have been impacted by abortion. The hurt, shame, and grief that surrounds a person’s unique circumstances are often unmet and difficult to identify with. It can be a very sensitive and emotional topic. As Garden of Hope Ministries demonstrates love in truth, we hope and pray that healing pathways of grace are found for those that are hurting. We ardently believe and hold fast to the the truth that we as people, men and women and children are NOT made for abortion. And, yet we know that humanity falls short and needs forgiveness and grace.

Abortion is not the unforgiveable sin. It is the purpose and economy of Jesus Christ, to free us from the debt of our sin. It is not the beginning or the end of a person’s story. We trust in the promise that God uses all things for good towards those who love Him. There is real hope and humble opportunity to pay-forward the LORD’s loving kindness and compassion and to use our testimonies of faith to serve others and the next generation. The abortion lie is still a reality in harming and taking innocent lives. So, with gentleness but boldness we proactively go about the ministry to stand-up for vulnerable women and children in addition to offering healing resources.

We are using our time, talents, and treasures to plant and cultivate abundant life, purpose, and joy into each other and the people we serve with the hope of impacting our generation and many more to come. And, because we serve the God that powerfully and creatively made each of us for love and relationship, we believe Him to do a harvest of more than we could ever ask or imagine. We trust in His will to be done.

We praise God for His grace and mercy and the glimpses and shadows of the redemptive work He offers and the life-giving opportunities He let’s us be a part of in the here and now on earth. Yet, we have a greater hope of what it all points to. That by faith turning to Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins and becoming children of God we also look forward to His second coming. Someday there will be an eternal experience of no more pain, sickness, sadness, or sin. Our lives will be fully restored and heaven will be here and real. The earth will be made new and no longer darkened with abuse, neglect, trauma, abortion, death, human trafficking, depression, mental illness, COVID, masks, cancer, addiction, lies, jealousy, unforgiveness, pride, injustice, irritability, pain, evil and the list goes on. It will be all gone. No more hurting, sick, broken, sin-stained world or sinful people. It will be all gone! Just God and His family of believing people and millions of babies taken by abortion fully redeemed and made new in a fully restored New Jerusalem, New Earth. The longings of our hearts will be totally filled. In Jesus. Amen.

A few ways that we are at work:

Garden of Hope Ministries

LOVE LISTENS – Sidewalk Outreach & Advocacy
We stand peacefully and calmly to offer help and hope in difficult circumstances. To lovingly and actively show that life is precious and valuable.

HOPE HEALS – Post-Abortion Healing Bible Study Program, designed to help people heal and be set-free to live out more fully their purpose for God.

Curriculum: Surrendering the Secret

by Pat Layton

Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion

Eight Sessions:

  • Where Have You Come From?
  • Sharing the Secret: A Spring in the Desert
  • Walk in Truth
  • A Time for Anger – Tearing Down Roadblocks
  • Forgiveness- A Giant Step Toward Freedom
  • From Grief to the Great Exchange
  • The Peace of Release
  • Share the Journey
Talks with Teens (Coming Soon)
Instill truth, value, dignity, purpose, and identity into teens and young adults. Interact and empower with truth, healthy decision making and communication tools, healthy design for relationships and sex, and local resources.

Learn and Earn Parenting Program
Instill knowledge and responsibility into expecting parents and where they can earn needed pregnancy and baby items.