I’m Pregnant

Finding out you are pregnant can be very scary. This is not something you planned. It might feel like the most difficult time in your life. Or, maybe you are totally numb and don’t know how to feel. Where will you turn for answers? Are you afraid about being a mom or don’t know how you could have another child? Maybe you don’t think this guy is fit to be a father. You could be happy inside, but are concerned what others will think. These are very normal thoughts and feelings to finding out you are pregnant. We at Garden of Hope Ministries don’t pretend to understand what you are going through or know the life circumstances that has led up to this pregnancy. But, we want to tell you, “you are not alone and you are going to be okay.”

There are real people that care and want to be a support and a friend. You and your baby’s lives are important. Many of our staff and volunteers either have past personal experiences with unplanned pregnancy or know others that have. Some made choices they regret, some were courageous and didn’t. We are available to listen and to help process your needs and make sure you are informed about your choices. That way you are set-up to take a healthy next step for your life and pregnancy.

Our desire is for you to know that YOU are IMPORTANT and YOU are LOVED and there is hope in each new day. So, take a look at some of the stories and resources below. Be smart and take some time to know what your choices are and how they will impact your future. And, talk to caring people that you can trust. Fill out this contact form for a support person to reply to you within 24 hours.

Find pregnancy support in Portland area:

To talk to someone right away, take a look at these websites:

Stand-Up Girlhttps://standupgirl.com/

Abortion Pill Reversalhttps://www.abortionpillreversal.com/

Gresham – https://prcofportland.com/gresham-center/


Beaverton https://prcofportland.com/beaverton-center/

Oregon City https://www.obria.org/locations/oregon-city-or/


OR Pregnancy Resourceshttps://helpinyourarea.com/oregon/

Answers Before You Decide – Pregnancy Decision Line

Learn more about adoption and other options: https://www.choiceadoptions.org/

Find maternity care and housing near you:

Road-2-Hope Maternity Homehttps://road2hopepdx.org/

Saving Grace Maternity Home – http://savinggracematernityhome.org/

Learn about your baby’s development:

9 months in the womb https://youtu.be/WH9ZJu4wRUE

Fetal development month by monthhttps://youtu.be/WtDknjng8TA