Men and Abortion

We acknowledge that men have been impacted by abortion. The grief and hurt are real. With society’s voice that says, “It is a women’s choice, right, and body”, men have believed they did not have a voice in the decision process. Or, maybe you did have a say and pushed toward abortion. Possibly you were somewhat absent or apathetic but now you realize and wished you had acted differently and you have regrets.

We don’t pretend to know your story but we do understand that it can be a heavy burden to carry inside and on your own. You are not alone and there is freedom to be found.

Hearing another man’s story can often best help a person to identify with his own story. Click on the link below to hear Brent’s story. (link to be added) Please contact us today for healing resources for men and couples.

Know that we have a future Hope Monument Memorial site planned as a physical place to remember our loved ones lost to abortion. If you would like to learn more and/or be a part :