You are Loved and Important – Pregnancy Options.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. ❤

You deserve to be treated with dignity and to know the truth.

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Parenting is a choice for life. It’s normal to have some mixed emotions, questions, and thoughts about parenting. “Will I be a good mom?” “I don’t know how to be a mom.” It can be scary. it could be exciting. It could cause anxiety. Or, maybe you are kind of numb without a lot of emotions. Pregnancy unplanned or planned and thoughts of parenting are different for everyone.

It can be difficult to wrap your brain around being a parent when you first find out that you are pregnant. So, the good thing is – baby is receiving nourishment and protection to grow in the comfort of your womb for now. And you have about ten months to get support and prepare for babies birth.

When the sperm fertilized the egg not only was baby conceived – but also a mom and dad too! It takes time to grow in this new parent – child relationship and start to get to know your baby while she/he is inside your tummy. You can get a free ultrasound at around six weeks to see babies heartbeat. Often this first-sight of baby can ignite a spark of love but not always.

The exciting truth is that a miracle new human life is growing and developing inside of you. Your son or daughter is already starting to make a loving impact on your life. There is not a perfect formula for being a perfect parent. There is no such thing. There are ups and downs in parenting – times of great joy and times of struggles.

It is a courageous journey of life and we believe in you! ❤ And, the truth is you were not meant to do it alone.

We at Garden of Hope Ministries want to say, “Congratulations!” on your pregnancy and this new baby. And, if you need cheerleading and support in your life; we are here for you. Find out more about our learn-and-earn parenting program lead by caring people to walk alongside you to offer help and hope.

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Adoption is a choice for life. It could be one of the most courageous and bravest and life giving decisions that YOU make. You might think, “Well I am not feeling very brave right now”. But, it’s amazing what happens when you don’t make a decision based on how you feel but on what you know to be good for you. Sometimes, it takes time for good feelings to follow a good decision. Kind of like getting out of bed. You may not feel like getting up in the morning, but once you do you feel more purposeful.

Adoption It is not about “giving up your baby” but it IS, “planning a life and future for your child – choosing loving parents and family for him or her.” Because pregnancy lasts for almost ten months – adoption is something you can take time to decide. You can even decide months after your baby is born. There is no rush.

Considering adoption means that you could be an INCREDIBLE BLESSING to others that have not physically been able to get pregnant or conceive a child. There are countless people that have been waiting for years to adopt a baby.

Adoption like parenting does not promise ease and freedom of challenges, but there are kind and supportive people to help guide you. Your plans for your life before pregnancy might be delayed, but after less than a year they can be resumed as before. There is counseling services and medical expense help for a birth mom.

If abortion is a thought at all, because you are important and so is your baby; PLEASE take time first to fully educate yourself about the negative risks of abortion on YOUR life and about adoption and the positive blessings – what each could mean for your future. Take a look at the resources below to hear adoption stories and learn how there can be great joy and great courage found in choosing life for you and your baby.

There are loving and amazing people that want to walk alongside you in considering adoption. We will help connect you to them.

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We realize that this choice is not uncommon for society today but we care about you too much to not tell you the truth – Abortion is not a choice for life. It robs a mother and father of loving their child and can lead to devastating post-traumatic effects. Abortion not only lies and says your baby doesn’t matter but also takes away your important God-given value and role as the parent.

The long-term risks and side effects include: potential physical ailments, and/or death to the mother, mental anxiety, severe sadness and depression, strong anger, physical issues, emotional instability, relationship struggles, etc. These and a number of other symptoms should not surprise us when we fully know the truth about abortion.

Because abortion devalues human life, there are consequences. Your child and your relationship with your child has just begun and it is very real. You and your baby were never made for abortion. There is a thief that comes to steal, kill, and destroy – and his voice can be disguised through a person’s words or come in your own thinking – the thoughts that can influence our decisions and cause us to believe and do things that aren’t good and healthy for us. The loving truth is abortion does not help a family be better. It literally physically removes a family member from a family. It takes a piece of your heart and replaces it with a heavy weight on your mind and soul. The abortion business does not give us full information. There are millions of missing people on earth because of the deception of abortion. Holes are left in the hearts of moms and dads that never got to see or hold and know their babies. Because we care and believe you are important, we ask and beg you, “Please don’t kill your baby.”

The two most common types of abortion are surgical and chemical. Surgical is one where there is use of vacuum suction and sharp surgical instruments to remove the child in pieces from the uterus. Chemical abortion is also termed as “medical”. Some other “medicine” names that can kill a conceived baby are: Plan B, Ella, RU-486. Sometimes you take just one pill. Then, there is the form when baby is older where you take the first pill that ends the life of the baby and then a second pill causes the uterus to contract and expel the baby from the mother’s body. There are other forms of abortion that can be found on the link that follows (abortion procedures). In addition, you can search the internet for aborted baby pictures or click here to see. (Pictures of aborted babies)

Did this abortion information scare you a little bit? If it did, that is called healthy fear. It is like knowing that if you ran out into a street of cars you would get hit and probably die. That is the type of fear we as human beings should have about abortion and what it does to us and our children. It is not good and something we should all have a healthy fear of ever coming close to.

God bless you and your future with strength and hope. May you be wise and brave and find support and courage to choose life for yourself and your baby. We believe in you!!! Babies are always meant to be a gift. You won’t regret keeping the baby and pregnancy. But there is a good chance you will forever remember and regret having an abortion. ❤ I hope you won’t learn the hard way.

The God that made you and loves you says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

If you found us today, we trust that it was not by accident. We believe and know that this pregnancy – though maybe challenging – is a blessing from God. Will you take some brave and positive steps to find support and people that care? Talk to someone today at Garden of Hope Ministries. Or, fill out the form below.

We are here to support and encourage you.

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